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  • July 14, 2012 - The YIJUN Institute moved to the following address: 562 Gwangnaruro, Kwangjin-gu #201 Seoul 143-821 Korea
  • May 30, 2012 - Volume 5, Number 1 of the JEAIL will be published.
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The YIJUN Press is a publishing company devoted to realizing research implications of the institute specializing in international law. It was founded in December 2007. Journal of East Asia & International Law and Monograph Series are main publications of the press. The Press will publish titles of the highest quality regarding international law issues and welcomes authoring.If you are interested in authoring a book, please Contact US for further information.

President E.G. Lee

Our Main Publications

Journal of East Asia & International Law

The Institute's flagship academic review aiming to promote research and thinking of legal scholars and practitioners from both East Asia and another regions having its regional focus

Monograph Series

한국외교의 자화상 - 통일한국을 향한 국제법학자의 고언

이 책은 국제법 학자인 저자가 한국외교의 과거와 현재를 평가하고 통일 조국의 미래를 가늠하기 위해 쓴 글의 모음이다. 국제관계 사상과 패러다임에 대한 설명이 주요 내용이며 이론적이고 역사적인 접근이 많으며 논문의 많은 부분이 선행 연구자의 논점을 정리하고있다. 또 언론을 통해 발표한 칼럼을 보완한 글을 수록하였다. [양장본]

The Monograph Series are publications of the findings of researched studies on issues of concern designed to enhance the understanding of international relations. understanding of international law and relations in the global community.