President's Foreword
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Welcome to the YIJUN Institute of International Law!

On a Spring day of 2007, a number of young international lawyers gathered together in a small office of Seoul, Korea. There, they decided to build a new international legal research institution which would realize great visions of peace and justice in East Asia and the world in the 21st century. The Institute was named after YI JUN, one of the greatest patriots in the course of the Korean liberation movement against the Japanese imperialism, as well as a prominent lawyer who embodied international peace and justice with his martyrdom at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907.

Facing the new trends of international law with globalization, the Institute has the following objectives: First, the Institute will deny the unfair hegemonic order of contemporary world politics, and will be devoted to the ideals of 21st century international law based on sovereign equality and peaceful coexistence in a global community. Second, the Institute will attempt to set up stable grounding for the world-class international legal scholarship in both human and material dimensions. This will be carried out by the Institute’s research department and Legal Clinic. Third, the Institute will promote cooperation and prosperity between nations in East Asia and the world, especially in newly-arising fields such as environment, energy, natural disaster, labor, capital management and technology. I believe the Institute’s research projects will be intermingled with the needs of knowledge-based economy. Finally, the Institute will contribute to the reunification of the two Koreas, which will be the most important stepping stone of true peace in this region.

We believe these visions and missions will unite all of East Asia in true partnership.
The YIJUN Institute of International Law hopes to lead the way to a prosperous future for East Asia.

We sincerely appreciate your contributions!

Eric Yong-Joong Lee, Dr.iur.